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A Little Book about Workplace Culture

One of the most meaningful things we can do with our time is to help to create workplaces where people like to work. When a workplace culture is purposefully created to be respectful and inspiring, people are happier, more productive, and more engaged.

This book is an abbreviated version of The Culture Question: How to Create a Workplace Where People Like to WorkThis shorter resource (a 20-minute read) was created so that the information presented would be more accessible to all. Our hope is that this book will be the spark that ignites conversations in workplaces around the world about the importance of a healthy workplace culture. You are already contributing to workplace culture, and this book is an invitation to be more intentional about how you are contributing to it.

Six key elements of a healthy workplace culture are presented, and questions for reflection follow each of them. The accessibility of this book and the reflection questions make it an ideal resource for teams to review and discuss together